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At Contenur we offer our clients a wide range of underground container systems which are suitable for use with the wide range of standard lifting and emptying methods on the market. Solutions designed to facilitate the efficient disposal, storage and unloading of all types of waste. Classic solutions applied to the innovative use of plastic materials, bringing fresh new design and integration concepts to the urban environment, without compromising the inherent functionality and robustness of CONTENUR products.

Contenur has been a pioneer in the use of plastic in underground container systems by incorporating polyethylene in the design of openings and bodies, and as a result obtaining excellent results in robustness and durability, while ensuring the designs are surprisingly attractive.

Underground Containers

Ideal for use in historical settings or modern urban areas.

Our systems are compliant with European Commission Directive 98/73/EC on construction, health and safety regarding the design and manufacture of machinery: the containers are produced in accordance with the criteria established by management systems ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Contenur has a dedicated team of specialists who oversee the correct installation and maintenance of our clients’ underground containers.

  • HYGIENIC, easy to clean
  • SAFETY, equipped with secure platforms
  • MODULARITY, plastic and metal solutions can be combined
  • DESIGN, elegant, hard-wearing and functional
  • SYSTEM for access control
  • AUTOMATIC system to prevent overfilling


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