CONTENUR has set in motion one of the biggest containerisation projects for biowaste collection in Greece. A total of more than 39,000 brown, rear-loading container units were supplied throughout 2022, and this is expected to be increased during 2023.

The 700- and 1,100-litre capacity containers given over to recycling biowaste or organic material were customized with a white thermal transfer graphic in the body and feature with a lid in lid that makes it easier for users to recycle. Furthermore, some of the 240-litre models are equipped with an easy-to-use pedal.

The main aim of this project is to improve biowaste collection and management in the Region, for which it is necessary to provide containers in most of the municipalities in the area.

The Attica Regional Governor, G. Patoulis has stressed the major tasks that are being undertaken in the area and has stated that “with modern tools and activities coordinated between the municipalities and citizens, they are managing to take the right steps towards achieving the comprehensive management of the organic waste in the Region”.