CONTENUR have been manufacturing Side-Loading Containers for 35 years bringing a wealth of experience to this demanding market.

The Company has always developed quality products and services, adapting, changing and listening to its clients’ needs, which has played an essential part in enabling CONTENUR to become the benchmark when it comes to solutions for Municipal Solid Waste (MSW).

When we look at specific tailor-made solutions to adapt to the requirements of individual cities, CONTENUR has been leading the market for years. Its teams have been able to anticipate the new demands of an increasingly complex market with its specific characteristics.

With the launch of the latest model in 2019, the side-loading OVAL container, CONTENUR intended to complete its range of solutions. That is why they designed and commercialised a versatile model, able to blend into any urban environment, one that was functional and sustainable, designed to be recycled 100% at the end of its working life.

When the Waste Act came into force at the end of 2021, CONTENUR was positioned as the pioneer company in offering tailor-made solutions for implementing the organic / food waste fraction or brown container with a side-loading system.

CONTENUR has also been able to adapt its products and accessories to the market requirements, creating a range of products ideal for guaranteeing that the implementation of the organic / food waste fraction is successful in all cities.

Cities like Toledo, Segovia, Bilbao, San Sebastian, Alicante and Madrid have all opted for the quality and versatility of its products.

The company occupies pole position in side-loading container sales in Southern Europe, with more than 320,000 units sold since the launch of their first large-capacity container in 2002.

CONTENUR continues to work to offer the best range of solutions for waste containerisation, with the same quality, technical service and personal touch that it has always provided.