CONTENUR has submitted its new Sustainability Report furnishing details about its progress and commitments in matters concerning corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

The Report is for 2022 and highlights the company’s achievements and its commitments to sustainability.

It contains the performance in non-financial matters during the financial year 2022, revealing the contribution made by CONTENUR in environmental aspects as part of the project entitled Circle®.

The document is based on three basic foundations: corporate responsibility, the environment and people and has been prepared in compliance with the contents of Act 11/2018, (which modifies the Commercial Code, the consolidated text of the Corporate Enterprises Act, passed by virtue of Royal Decree 1/2010, dated 2nd July and Act 22/2015, Accounts Auditing in matters concerning non-financial information and diversity), which increases the requirements to publish the information and makes it necessary to carry out an external verification by an independent body, which it has passed without issue.

Iñigo Querejeta, CEO at CONTENUR, states: “2022 was a very unstable year owing to the volatility of the cost of commodities, energy and transport, as well as inflationary increases. All of this had a negative effect on the activity on the markets where CONTENUR operates in Eastern Europe and the UK, and this meant an ongoing attempt to adapt the sales prices to the cost of the supplies in all of our markets and on the company management in general.”

Despite this situation, in the second half of the year the company managed to secure additional activity in the rest of their markets, which had a direct effect on CONTENUR’s results, leading to a turnover growth of 25%. The company closed the year with a containerisation contract in the City of Madrid (the biggest contract in the world to date as regards the number of containers, involving more than 28,000 units).

On a social level, apart from guaranteeing a secure working environment and stable and quality employment for its staff, new initiatives were launched to improve headhunting and develop internal talent, in order to boost management quality and to increase diversity.

During the course of 2023, and with a view to carry on being the leader in environmental development in its sector, CONTENUR devised a Plan that features a large number of initiatives aimed at reducing the consumption of resources and increasing the utilisation of renewable and recyclable resources, decreasing the waste generated, promoting recycling and increasing the useful working life of the products.