Last Thursday, the Mayor of Mijas Josele González, and the Cleanliness Councillor, Laura Moreno announced the renewal of their fleet of containers, both rear-loading and side-loading. They are being replaced by a total of 2,000 new units that are already being distributed in certain zones within the municipality.

The Council has wished to take a qualitative leap forward in matters concerning recycling and cleaning, and has opted for CONTENUR’s side-loading OVAL model, which is the most easily accessible container and the one that best blends into any urban environment.

The Mayor and the Councillor stressed at a press conference that “many of the containers that we had up to now had reached the end of their useful working life, so they are going to be replaced by units that despite being 20 centimetres lower, have the same capacity”. OVAL has a maximum height of 1,600 mm, which enables pedestrians to have total visibility without the containers getting in the way, which makes it safer for them.

Moreover, this town in Malaga has decided to include the brown container (organic fraction) on its routes, so that the waste that can be turned into compost, bio-waste or a source of energy, etc., can be separated from the organic waste that cannot.

The new fraction that will be installed in the public thoroughfare features a user identification system that enables it to be used and prevents it from being misused, because these containers can only be utilised for recycling organic waste, such as: food leftovers, fruit rinds and peels, garden waste, coffee and tea filters, etc.

The distribution of the new containers began at 600 collection points at the beginning of December 2022 and the process is expected to be completed by the end of March.Your Content Goes Here