CONTENUR makes every effort to implement the culture of ongoing improvement in managing the company’s processes and activities, by setting the very highest quality standards. The Quality Department, from the very outset, has always been an indispensable part of the organisation. All our production centres in Spain, Poland and the United Kingdom have a Quality Department that is responsible for checking product quality at the different stages of the production process.

CONTENUR has extensive experience in quality control processes, which is why it has a specialist team that can check the products on the spot in order to guarantee that they comply with the customers’ specifications to make sure they live up to the highest international quality standards.

Quality Assurance for CONTENUR’s products:

CONTENUR is committed to the quality of its products and provides 100% of the bins and containers that it manufactures with the European Container Certificate (UNE EN 840 for rear-loading containers and UNE EN 12574 for side-loading containers).

The production process is also guaranteed with the ISO 9001 Standards for the design, manufacture, and commercialisation of plastic and underground containers.

Our certifying companies are:

Process: AENOR, the Spanish Standardisation & Certification Association, is an accredited certifying body accredited in Spain by ENAC (National Certification Accreditation Body) with number 01/C-SC003. AENOR is a member of the RED IQNet (International Quality Systems Certification Body).

Product: TÜV SÜD Product Service is an independent product certification body renowned the world over. It is accredited by the DAKKS (Registration number D-PL 11321-01-01), an official German accreditation body, for certification in compliance with the standards that apply to urban solid waste containers, EN-840 and EN-12574.

Additionally, inspections are carried out on the products and raw materials received from suppliers ensuring that all products are 100% controlled before dispatch. It is therfore possible to anticipate any potential quality issues and potential interruptions to the supply chain at each and every stage.

CONTENUR has opted for creating a test laboratory consisting of universal equipment, in order to analyse the performance and quality of the products that are manufactured at the Group’s Centres. At this laboratory, the products are subjected to a huge variety of tests, so it’s possible to obtain an exhaustive control over quality.

With a view to ensuring that the containers are of a sufficient standard, it is necessary to measure the rigidity of the plastic and what it can withstand before being deformed, for the purpose of which a testing machine is used that can also provide information about the percentage of elongation that it can tolerate before it fails or breaks completely.

Charpy impact test equipment is also used to establish the energy absorbed by the plastic before breaking when subjected to an impact.

Furthermore, the raw materials (commodities) are inspected in the same manner when they are received CONTENUR’s facilities: a check is made to ensure that the fluidity of the plastic is correct, in accordance with the quality standards, and that it contains no moisture or volatile materials, thereby preventing parts defects.

When dealing with recycled materials, they are analysed to detect traces of other pollutant plastics that might affect the product, such as polypropylene, for the purpose of which CONTENUR is equipped with a differential scanning calorimeter.

CONTENUR likewise has test zones where trials are conducted on the finished products in compliance with Standards UNE-EN 840, UNE-EN 12574, UNE-EN 13071 and RAL GZ 951/1 as well as other internal tests defined by the company’s own test protocols.