Santiago de Compostela City Council and the company Urbaser, responsible for the City’s Cleaning & Maintenance Service, have selected the OVAL side-loading model by CONTENUR to carry out the new containerisation of the city. OVAL is a container whose refined look blends perfectly into the urban environment.

Both parties have given a very positive rating to the fact that the container is so easy to use, because no other container on the market is as close to the ground (it is only 1,190 m high) and it does not restrict the visibility of the passers-by. It can also feature elements that make accessibility even easier.

The new containers will be gradually phased in, not only in rural but also urban zones, A total of 1,800 new side-loading containers are to be provided throughout the City.

The containers given over to recycling waste and organic matter have been equipped with a large opening, which is in response to the City Council’s need to have accessible and easy-to-use containers that can also be utilised without the user coming into contact with the surface.

The fifth fraction installed in the public thoroughfare is also provided with a user-identification system that enables them to be used for their specific purpose while preventing improper use, given that it is only possible to recycle remnants of organic waste, such as left-overs, fruit peel and rinds, garden waste, coffee filter grounds, tea leaves, etc. The Council intends to use such waste not only as compost, but also as fertilisers or even to generate energy, making a major contribution to the circular economy.

In the case of major producers, such as the Catering Sector and businesses, the City Council is planning door-to-door collection to prevent unnecessary overflowing and to conserve the City’s positive image. Furthermore, in view of the specific conditions in the City’s old quarter, it has been decided to install non-permanent “islands” with containers for all waste types.