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Ilustración bandera Unión Europea con el objetivo del 50% de tasa de reciclaje

Moving towards the target set by the EU for 2020, increasing the recycling rate from 30% to 50%.

Ilustración ciudadana reciclando

Find out what happens and how citizens behave in matters of recycling and waste separation.

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Cleaner, more sustainable cities that are more responsible towards the environment.

Ilustración bolsa de basura con código de barras de Recycla

Sending of precise information from each container, thanks to the reading of the personalised cards.


Recycla is a system that involves citizens in the project, taking into account their recycling habits, and once registered, these habits are analysed using the elements of the system described below:

  • Voluntary registration receipt of cards and labels
  • Intelligent container/access card/bar code
  • Bags with individual labels
  • Data collection
  • Waste inspection
  • Data sending
  • Container access/website info data

When the system is operating, the received data is analysed and the recycling black points are detected, making it possible to implement suitable awareness campaigns to remove them.

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  • Ilustración tarjeta inteligente Recycla
  • Ilustración monitor de ordenador
  • Texto manuscrito en el que se lee "Reciclar tiene valor"


A system with which we all win

  • For the council

    For the city council

    Cleaner and sustainable cities.

  • Ilustración camión empresa de servicios

    For service companies

    Management optimisation and planning.

  • Ilustración ciudadanos

    For citizens

    Responsible waste management


Request a special Recycla study for your city

Thank you for your interest in Recycla, a system whose recovery period for entities is estimated in 1.5/2 years. For more information about Recycla for your city or town, please fill in the following form.



A new concept in urban waste management

Recycla uses new technologies applied to products to be used for collection, in order for town councils, service companies and citizens to benefit from a greater control over the recycling process and a more economic and efficient management, aiding the fulfilment of European regulations. Recycla is a comprehensive system that allows immediate information to be obtained from the waste separation made by each citizen and their behaviour when depositing waste, making it possible to act wherever necessary to obtain more efficient recycling, saving costs and generating profits. The system includes the installation of smart containers with card readers at their openings, moving along to the personalised information aimed at citizens in order for them to be able to keep a record of their recycling habits. Recycla has specific software that allows the entire system to be processed and analysed. Saving: in the usage rate of waste tips Increase in revenue: for sale of recycled material. Reduction: in the waste fees paid by citizens who recycle correctly.

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We take charge of everything

Intelligent identification and control elements:

  • Containers with access control
  • Container opening using personalised cards or by Smartphone.
  • Adhesive labels with personalised codes that identify the bags.

RECYCLA website for information and monitoring:

  • Website for registration by citizens allowing them to know about and take part in the system.
  • Launching of awareness campaigns by the Town Councils.
  • Monitoring by the Town Councils and citizens of the use of the system and incentive and bonus schemes for correct recycling.

Installation and management of personalised software for data reading:

  • Comprehensive control of the correct use of the system.
  • Report preparation.
  • Identification of poor recycling points (Black Spots) and incidences detected.

Waste audit:

  • Information and control of the correct waste separation by citizens due to the identification on the bags.
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  • Ilustración tarjeta inteligente de Recycla
  • Ilustración monitor de ordenador
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