Today, the 74th General Assembly and Open Day, organised by the Spanish Association of Plastics Industry (ANAIP), took place in Madrid, during which CONTENUR was awarded the Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) certification.

The Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) project, or zero pellet loss, is a voluntary global initiative of the plastics industry to reduce the loss of pellets to the environment.

CONTENUR was the first company to be verified and obtain the certification of this programme thanks to a series of actions that have been carried out in its Getafe factory in Madrid.

These actions include the implementation of containment measures to prevent pellets from reaching the public supply, implementation of new cleaning plans and work standards, awareness and training of workers, communication and surveillance, among many others.

This project is included within the CONTENUR CIRCLE® proposal, as one of the commitments that the company has acquired within its environmental sustainability strategy.

Different presentations were made during day in which they talked about the European Plastics Strategy and the voluntary agreements and initiatives of the industry.

The day ended with a discussion table in which all the speakers participated and in which the attendees could ask questions about the issues that were raised during the open day.