The Alicante City Council Environment Department has decided to commission CONTENUR to provide the 2,000 container units, the 2,000 litre version of OVAL for their selective waste collection activities.

The containers will be more accessible to all citizens, because they are equipped with medium-height levers to make it easy for persons with limited mobility to open the lids. They are also provided with Braille labelling for the waste so they can be utilised by the blind and those with vision difficulties. Furthermore, thanks to their carefully-studied height, the containers will not constitute a problem for passers-by by obstructing their view, so pedestrians will be able to see the road and vehicles perfectly.

They are also designed in such a way that they can be fitted with electronic locks that in the future will regulate them, control access and make it possible to take action where necessary to obtain more efficient recycling.

OVAL is a sustainable, environmentally-friendly product, given that this container model is 100% recyclable at the end of its working life and has been manufactured and designed ecologically to circular economy standards.