CONTENUR has supplied the City of Benavente, Zamora, with a total of 70 asymmetric model side-loading containers to collect other waste. It is the first implementation of containers with the side-loading system to take place in the city of Zamora.   

The new containers, selected by the city council, comply with current regulations at European level, have a capacity of 2,200 and 3,200 litres and incorporate the city’s corporate identity.   

Both models are manufactured by means of the injection system. This process is faster and more efficient from an energy standpoint and gives the product greater strength and reliability, as well as ensuring quality in all units.   

CONTENUR side-loading containers are manufactured using 100% renewable energy and they boast the fastest collection system on the market.   

The assembly of the containers was completed at the beginning of February and they are now available to be installed throughout the city.