Bermeo City Council wishes to finally put an end to the problems caused by dirt building up every day at the different rubbish collection points located throughout the Borough. In order to achieve this aim, it is planning to replace as many as 205 waste containers.

In the current situation, one of the most important aspects that the Authorities have conveyed to everyone, and one that is repeated in a load of campaigns, is the need to increase hygiene measures.

The importance of not touching anything that might be contaminated and the wearing of gloves and masks would now seem to be long-term measures, and the same applies to social distancing.

herefore, it would appear to be the case that, henceforth, and owing to the need for increased hygiene in the environment, the most suitable containers for the public thoroughfare are ones that are kept clean all the time.

CONTENUR has won a contract that includes not only supplying and installing the containers, but also carrying out the mechanical cleaning and maintenance processes for a period of five (5) years.

In August, 205 containers of the Oval Model were installed, as well as 145 of the waste fraction type and 60 of the paper / cardboard type.

The following activities are performed as part of the maintenance process:


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