Located in the north of the Iberia peninsula, Zamudio is a town with around 3,200 residents. The town has a large business ecosystem (7 industrial areas, including the largest scientific-technological park in the province), whose generation of industrial waste represents 68% of the total waste generated in the municipality.

In order to reduce the generation of waste, and to increase the reuse and recycling rate, the municipality has set goals such as establishing a system for comprehensive monitoring of containers and lorries and decision-making (short and long planning term), as well as the implementation of different economic instruments (PAYT and incentives).

With this second activity, and using methodologies based on collective learning experiences and social sciences, the degree of citizen involvement will be put to the test. The aim is to involve as many agents as possible to be responsible for the generation of waste and to design campaigns that promote the behaviours that prevent said generation; new business and government models will also be identified that allow waste to be turned into an eco-innovative opportunity. (source: waste4think)

To make this project possible, CONTENUR has supplied the containers, which have been adapted according to their needs and distributed for the following types of waste: Waste (2200F model with 15l volumetric drawer and electronic lock), Organic (2200F model with 25l volumetric drawer and electronic lock), Paper/cardboard (3200F model with lid for the paper opening and electronic lock) and nappies (C360 model with lid and electronic lock).

3 different types of volumetric drawers have been developed for this project. 25l, with handle, which allows free entry of waste, 15l, with handle, does not allow free entry of waste, and Paper/Cardboard, whose dimensions are (190mm high and 890mm wide), with handle and allowing free entry of waste.

The project is unique in Spain and has already aroused great interest in many local administrations throughout the country.