Toledo City Council has contracted CONTENUR to improve and renew two children’s play areas and a new street workout space in El Crucero park in the neighbourhood of San Antón.

In total, 27 parks and children’s play areas of the neighbourhoods of Polígono and Buenavista have been renewed since last year.

The Councillor for Public Works and Environmental Public Services of the City of Toledo, Noelia de la Cruz, explained that “they ensure continuity with last year’s updates, since the improvement and renovation of the city’s children’s play areas is one of the main demands in the municipality”.

In the neighbourhood of Buenavista, CONTENUR has carried out the adaptation of recreational spaces in the parks of Bélgica, Nara, Los Chopos, Aquisgrán, Atenas, the Plaza de los Vecinos and El Crucero. In this last park, CONTENUR has renovated two areas in order to adapt the spaces to the new safety regulations for playgrounds, which specify the safety measures required in the manufacture, installation, inspection and maintenance of those areas.

Furthermore, the street workout space included within El Crucero park, which is intended to be used to take part in urban exercise within this sport that arose in Brooklyn, will be maintained by CONTENUR.