The Aragonese capital’s City Council will undertake two projects for collecting organic waste, one through the fifth container with the CONTENUR CL2200F model for organic waste with locker, and another door to door.

The Mayor of Zaragoza, Pedro Santisteve, and the Minister of Public Services, Alberto Cubero, announced yesterday, 3 May, the fifth container that will be used for the selective collection of organic matter, as well as the starting dates of the two pilot tests to be conducted in the Aragonese capital throughout 2018.

The Mayor of Zaragoza underlined the fact that this project was one of the announcements included in the first State of the City Debate of the current legislature. “Selective collection is a civic duty, in which all residents must commit themselves to do our bit to protect the environment,” said the councillor.

Meanwhile, Alberto Cubero pointed out that “in order to comply with the waste reduction objective set by European regulations, the separation of organic matter for its subsequent composting and use is key”. However, he insisted on “the importance of reducing the generation of waste in our homes, especially plastic waste, and this means moving towards other ways of consuming with greater emphasis on fresh produce and bulk and less on packaging”.

Pilot Experience

The selective collection pilot test by means of the fifth container system with a key, which consists of adding a more specific container for organic waste, will be carried out in the district of Actur. The pilot will include around 50,000 people. The frequency of collection will be daily and households will take part on a voluntary basis.

Source: Residuos Profesional