January 7 and 8, CONTENUR held its 2020 annual conference at the VP Plaza España Design Hotel in Madrid, which was attended by sales teams from all the locations where CONTENUR operates.

the first day of the event, the various departments presented their results for 2019, as well as the objectives set and challenges to face this year and the concerns and trends that the sales force has been detecting in its customers throughout the year. The purpose of doing so was to implement optimal strategies to allow the company to continue to progress. In addition, there was a question and answer session in which all those interested could clarify any doubts.

day ended with the company’s Communication and Marketing Strategy being presented, in which last year’s milestones were set out, such as OVAL, CONTENUR’s new side-loading container, and CIRCLE, the company’s new vision in the area of sustainability.

the second day, the main event was a team building activity, in which collaborators from all countries developed their teamwork skills through activities. These activities increase employee motivation, while enhancing team cohesion and strengthening trust, communication and creativity among colleagues.