The increase in waste generation in cities and the new recycling targets outlined by the European Union for the year 2020 have led both service companies and the urban fixtures supplier companies in the cities to develop efficient solutions to obtain more sustainable environments.

Using these requirements as a starting point, CONTENUR has developed the system and is starting up the presentations of Recycla.

The Recycla system means a commitment to promote the recycling target established for 2020, making it possible for the cities to improve their recycling level from 30% to 50%.

Why is Recycla such an innovative service?

Because it incorporates intelligent elements, not only for identification (for example, access control using cards or Smartphones), but it also uses a management software that allows it to read and analyse the users’ data to identify their recycling habits and therefore, optimise the waste collection and management costs; to carry out awareness campaigns where necessary and to increase town councils’ revenue that may, subsequently be reinvested in improvements within the cities.

In short, it is a system that allows recycling to become more efficient, saving on expenses and generating profits for both the users and the town councils.