In February CONTENUR completed supplying all containers that were purchased by the city of Bogotá last year. 

Last year, Bogotá, a city in Colombia, invited tenders for the city’s waste collection, dividing the city into five areas managed by different operators. 

The containers chosen for the solid waste collection were CONTENUR products, specifically rear-loading containers, model 1100F, and side-loading containers, model 2400D.  

In total, 3,429 side-loading containers and 6,135 rear-loading containers have been supplied. In addition, the five operators were accompanied in implementing the project and installing the containers. 


Container Maintenance


CONTENUR has signed a washing service contract with one of the waste collection operators in Bogotá for the containers in the operated area. 

CONTENUR is currently negotiating new container washing and maintenance contracts with the other operators.