Last week CONTENUR took part in Innovate4Climate, the number one event on climate financing, climate investment and climate markets, which was held for the first time in Asia.

This is a platform that brings together leaders in business, finance, politics and technology to stimulate actions in funding intelligent climate development.

Raúl Amérigo, Asia Pacific Regional Manager at CONTENUR, took part in a chat on plastic waste and climate change with colleagues from the sector, which highlighted the importance of waste management.

“Waste management in Asia is still in its early stages; Singapore is an exception, with three highly efficient cutting-edge incinerators, whereas a few countries such as Indonesia and Thailand are improving their waste management, although there is still a long way to go. Our experience is that each country, especially in Asia, has different policies. Among other initiatives in this region we are promoting the separation of products according to their composition, because there is no awareness of recycling in at least 70% of these countries”, said Raúl.

The event is designed to bring together leading thinkers interested in linking climate innovation with investment opportunities, transforming dialogue into action.