CONTENUR took part in the CleanEnvíro Fair that was held at Sands Expo and Convention Centre, in Marina Bay Sands (Singapore) from 17th to 21st April.

The Fifth CleanEnviro Summit (CESG) has served as a global network platform for leaders of opinion, top government civil servants and directors of industry in Singapore. The event, organised by the National Environment Agency, took place under the slogan “In favour of Sustainable and Climate-Proof Cities”.

CONTENUR presented the OVAL container, whose main attributes are its design, sustainability, ergonomics, performance and customisation. OVAL, is a container that is 100% recyclable and forms part of the CIRCLE® Project by CONTENUR, which manages the resources following circular economy principles, meaning that, once withdrawn, the containers have a second life by becoming raw materials for the manufacture of new containers.

Moreover, the attendees were able to see 2-wheeled and 4-wheeled containers, the latter having a large opening designed by CONTENUR for mixed and combined recycling, where glass, plastic and paper are all recycled in one single container. The opening is highly resistant and flexible.

Another innovation that was presented at this Fair was the OMEGA 120-litre litter bin, which stands out because it was designed to eco-design and recyclability standards. OMEGA litter bins can be manufactured with up to 100% recycled material and are ideal for being located in cities that opt for circularity and sustainability.

Raúl Amérigo, Regional Manager of the Asian market, presented the technical paper “Technology Connect”, in which he spoke about the benefits of using the side-loading system for waste collection in cities.

During the four days that the Fair lasted, many subjects were dealt with such as the use of waste as a sort of resource, generating energy that is becoming increasingly sustainable, the need to intensify cleaning services to keep the environment clean or improvements to smart systems that serve to increase the pollution control resources in cities.

The Clean Environment Convention in Singapore, which was attended by more than 20,000 people, is an opportunity to keep abreast of the best global practices in matters concerning the circular economy and sustainability.