CONTENUR, a leading multinational in comprehensive containerisation solutions for cities, participated in Municipalia that took place at the Fira de Lleida venue from 22 to 24 October.

More than 20,000 people attended the trade fair, which has positioned itself as a benchmark in southern Europe in the field of municipal equipment and services.

CONTENUR presented its new OVAL container. The main attributes of which are its design, sustainability, ergonomics, performance and personalisation. The height of this container is lower so as not to create visual barriers, which contributes to public safety.

OVAL is a 100% recyclable container and is encompassed within CONTENUR’s CIRCLE® concept project, which manages resources according to the principles of the circular economy; so once they have been withdrawn, the containers have a second life when they are converted into raw material for manufacturing new containers.

CIRCLE® is CONTENUR’s response to the current demand for a circular economy, recycling and development, and all the elements mentioned in the European Commission’s recommendations for specific issues and actions regarding environmental sustainability and recycling plastic.

In addition, Jesús Ajuria, Director for Southern Europe at CONTENUR took part in a presentation on “Innovation and sustainability in managing MSW” in which he highlighted the products and services that CONTENUR makes available to its customers, thus favouring waste collection and management, which brought together more than 20 national exhibitors, held forty activities during the conference, including technical conferences, panel discussions, international networking sessions, presentations, conferences and demonstrations.