CONTENUR, a leading company in integrated solutions for containerisation of waste in Spain and Europe, has reinforced its security systems with new and innovative solutions, mainly due to the increase in cyber attacks. 

the intense internationalisation processes of recent years and the geographical dispersion of its sites, managing the systems had increased in complexity, sometimes using local operators and very different communications infrastructures at the different sites, which implied not having an exhaustive control of the various pieces of equipment. 

powerful security solutions, not only makes it possible to avoid the types of attacks that are aimed at theft of data and confidential information, but the resources used to manage and control devices and networks can focus on other areas and business processes. 

In addition, “In recent years, the explosion of the use of mobile devices and access to corporate data from cloud environments had been generating a major security problem,” says Antonio Rodríguez Gómez, IT director of CONTENUR. 

An international project 

project to renew the security systems had to meet three basic requirements: integration, flexibility and control. Until now several tools from various manufacturers had been adapted as the company was growing and generating new needs, but they were complicated and required a lot of time to manage them.

“The problem of our branches being spread out is evident, which complicates the logistics and the diverse connectivity. We were looking for a solution that would enable us to unify the different platforms, which would provide flexibility in integrating the different sites while allowing us to be able to grow,” commented Rodríguez Gómez.