CONTENUR, manufacturer of end-to-end container solutions for urban waste, is one of the sponsors for awarding “Blue Flags” this year to the city of Vigo and the Islas Cíes, a World Heritage Site.

The last two weeks in July have seen the publication of a number of articles in national and local media detailing the beaches in the province of Vigo which have been awarded a Blue Flag this year.

This year, Vigo has also become the city with the most Blue Flags in Spain, with a total of 10 flags: O Vao, Argazada, Samil, Rodas and Figueiras, in the Islas Cíes, A Punta, Tombo do Gato, Fortiñón, Canido and Fontaiña.

Blue Flags have been awarded annually since 1987 by the European Foundation for Environmental Education to those beaches and ports whose facilities meet a series of environmental conditions. Blue Flags are awarded to beaches in over twenty countries in Europe, four in the Near East, one in East Asia, three in Africa, eight in America and one in Oceania. The award of a Blue Flag requires compliance with regulations regarding water quality, security and safety, general services provided and environmental planning.