Today, the Viana Abraça Colloquium took place in Viana do Castelo, Portugal, with an exhibition on the first organic waste collection project in the area. Jesús Ajuria (Development Manager for Southern Europe) presented for CONTENUR, explaining the benefits of smart containers to promote and increase recycling.

CONTENUR‘s speech generated a huge amount of interest, with people wanting to learn more about the concept of the smart container as the most efficient alternative to the door-to-door collection system. This is an innovative project, as stressed by all the authorities who were present, thanking CONTENUR for its contribution to the event.

The Colloquium took place at the facilities of the Higher School of Technology and Management (ESTG) of the Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo (IPVC).

The Viana Abraça project, launched in July 2018, aims to turn seven thousand tons of waste into natural fertilisers.

The project has two purposes, the rural, aimed at encouraging the practice of domestic composting, and urban, to enhance the domestic separation of organic waste. The second will begin this year with the installation of 480 2,200 F model CONTENUR containers for the selective collection of organic waste.

CONTENUR will be responsible for managing the data as part of its end-to-end container service management strategy.

This model of container has a cover with a lock that identifies the user, who can access the container with their electronic card, which limits and personalises access to the container. It also makes it possible to add up the amount of waste deposited and the frequency.

It is a charity project because for every euro saved in the recycling of organic waste, the Chamber of Viana do Castelo will contribute another euro to meet the material needs of social institutions in the town.

More than 110 people attended the event, including representatives of private companies, municipal companies and representative of other municipalities.