In keeping with the commitment CONTENUR has been acquiring in recent years of showing all its groups of interest updated information about its activities in the social, environmental and economic areas, as well as in compliance matters, CONTENUR publishes its 8th Edition of its CSR Report.

This Report contains the performance and activities in non-financial areas during Year 2019, highlighting the contribution made by CONTENUR in environmental matters with the Circle® Project, and in sustainable development, showcasing the fact that it obtained the first Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) Certification in Europa in the sector where the Company operates.

The Report has been prepared in the way established in Act 11/2018, (which modifies the Commercial Code, the consolidated text of the Corporate Enterprises Act (Ley de Sociedades de Capital) passed by Royal Decree 1/2010, dated 2nd July and the Audit Act (Ley 22/2015 de Auditoria de Cuentas in matters concerning non-financial information and diversity), which increases the requirements to publish the information and makes it mandatory for there to be external verification by an independent body, which has been achieved favourably.

Many of the successes achieved by the Company last year are shown in the first chapter of the Report, where it is stressed that, throughout 2019, in the economic area, efforts were focused on international development and on sustained growth in markets in Southern Europe, as well as on improving product quality and sustainability. The result is a 7% increase in billing, which exceeded €120 million.

Throughout 2020, CONTENUR will increase its efforts to make a positive contribution to ensuring that its employees are safe and satisfied and to guaranteeing the balanced development of the firms where it carries out its activities, innovating and applying new and increasingly sustainable technologies and to offering the general public the best possible service for the correct recycling of their waste.

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