COVID-19. #BetterWithPedal

In the current situation, one of the most important questions that the Authorities have conveyed to us, and one that is constantly repeated in a host of campaigns, concerns tightening hygiene measures.

The importance of not touching anything that might be contaminated and wearing gloves, would appear to be measures that are here to stay for a long time, and the same applies to physical distancing.

Therefore, it would appear to be obvious that, henceforth, and owing to the need for greater hygiene in the environment, the most suitable containers in public thoroughfares should be ones that are equipped with an accessory making it unnecessary to touch them with the hands, a pedal.

A pedal enables users to operate and open the lid of the container safely, and it is one accessory that can be adapted not only to a Rear-Loading collection system, but also to Side-loading, Bilateral-loading and Crane-lift containers.

Whichever collection system a city has, this will undoubtedly be one of the essential elements, and one to be taken into consideration by Local Councils, so that they can carry on guaranteeing and tightening the hygiene measures and prevent the virus from spreading again.

Therefore, equipping the container with a pedal enables the user to operate the lid-closing process automatically (in the residual waste fraction), and, thus, ensure that the containers stayed closed the rest of the time, reducing the likelihood of the contaminants/pollutants reaching the exterior.

At CONTENUR we are carefully and closely monitoring the rapid evolution of the COVID-19 virus and the impact it is having on the markets where we operate. COVID-19 is a challenge to our society that we must accept with determination within the framework of responsibility that we have with our personnel, customers, suppliers and the whole community. That is why CONTENUR is recommending the ”with pedal solution” to prevent hands from coming into contact with certain kinds of surfaces.