Last year (2018), the percentage of recycling in our country increased considerably, even so we generate an average of 443 kilos of waste per person per year, of which only 29.7% is recycled. In a world that is committed to the ‘Circular Economy’, the European Union has set as a goal to raise the percentage of municipal waste that must be recycled by 2025 to 55%.

Currently in Spain we have five different types of waste, classified in five colours: Yellow, Blue, Green, Brown and Grey.

What goes in the yellow container?

In the yellow container, packaging, deposit cans, cartons and plastic containers. Food cans, aerosols, juice and milk cartons, cleaning product and gel bottles and plastic bags, among other waste. Never throw CDs, clothes, toys, nappies, glass, etc. in the yellow container.

What goes in the green container?

In the green container, for glass, glass bottles, bottles of perfume and cosmetics, and canning jars. Never throw light bulbs or broken plates and glasses in the green container.

What goes in the blue container?

In the blue container, for paper and cardboard, all cardboard containers you use, boxes of biscuits, shoes, cardboard egg cups, newspapers, books, magazines and paper bags. Never throw garden waste, milk cartons, dirty napkins, aluminium foil, etc. in the blue container.

What goes in the brown container?

In the brown container, for organic waste, all the biodegradable food waste such as peels, fruit skins, left over meats, coffee grounds, tea bags, vegetables, sawdust, etc. Never throw food cans, nappies, tobacco butts and ash, bandages, plasters, etc. into the brown container.

What goes in the grey container?

In the grey container, for other, all waste that is not containers or that does not have a specific collection system. Crockery, cutlery, nappies, broken toys, nappies, glass, etc.

If everyone does their part, we can have a cleaner and more sustainable environment.