CONTENUR will be awarded the containerisation lot.

Madrid City Council will be awarding approximately 4 lots that make up this major 6-year contract worth more than €1,600 Million.

The first three lots are for rubbish collection and transport services, and the fourth lot, worth €130 Million is for containerisation.

CONTENUR, will be put forward as the successful bidder for this last lot, which not only includes supplying the containers but also washing and maintaining them, with an increase in the frequency of the service.

CONTENUR has submitted new container models for the tender, designed and developed exclusively for Madrid City Council, of which 28,000 new units will be large capacity for all fractions, and these will be implemented as soon as the contract becomes effective. A further 12,000 units will be provided during the contract effectivity period.

A major work force of human resources and materials will be given over to fulfilling the contract specifications, more than 160 people being assigned to the task, and there will also be an allocation of 70 new vehicles.


With this award, CONTENUR, the sector’s leading firm in in Spain, and the third stakeholder in Europe, will have clinched the biggest containerisation contract ever to have been awarded in Europe, which will enhance the company’s position in the continent.

Where CONTENUR is concerned, this amounts to a consolidation of its growth position, that commenced 3 years ago with its latest strategic plan, which among its main development targets, includes consolidating its leadership in Southern Spain.

This contract, together with the rest of the company’s implementations in Spain’s main cities in recent years, makes CONTENUR the firm with the largest number of large-capacity containers manufactured and implemented anywhere in the world.

CONTENUR is the market leader because it has spent over 35 years clearly opting for innovation and the quality of both its products and processes, as well as its expansion abroad,  which has enabled the firm to open up plants and branches in more than 50 countries.