Badalona pionera en economía circular

Today, Badalona Town Council is increasing its stock of containers,and its Mayor the Honourable Mr. Xavier García Albiol, took part in the ceremony celebrating the launching of CONTENUR’s brand new Model F container, which will serve for the selective collecting of organic matter, packaging, glass, paper and the remaining fraction.

Selective collection is a civic duty to which all residents must be committed, to make their own individual contributions not only to protecting the environment but also to complying with the waste-reduction targets set by the European regulations.

The brand new container ismodelo F de CONTENUR, in its 2200 and 3200 L versions, with with their easy-to-use openings and, in the case of the remaining fraction container, units are available with lever and pedal guaranteeing that all residents can utilise these containers for their intended purpose, thereby making the recycling activity easier.

The model itself is 100% recyclable and manufactured in compliance with circular economy standards, which means that a second working life awaits it once its useful life as a container has come to an end.