The Borough of Paterna has purchased CONTENUR’s new OVAL container, the one that blends perfectly into the urban environment.

At an initial phase, 12 containers were installed, each with a capacity of 3,000 litres, for paper and Urban Solid Waste (USW).

The USW containers installed in the Borough are all equipped with a pedal, which enables users to operate and open the container cover in a safer and more hygienic way.

CONTENUR’s new containers are manufactured using the high-density polyethylene injection mould system, with protection against ultra-violet rays, so during the course of time they do not lose their new look. So they still look new after they have been in use for a long time.

Oval, is a container that is 100% recyclable and forms part of CONTENUR’s CIRCLE® Project, which manages following the principles of the circular economy, which means that, once withdrawn, the containers have a second life, becoming part of the raw materials used to manufacture new containers.