Ponteareas, municipality of Pontevedra, has renewed its side loading containers, thereby placing its trust in CONTENUR once again. 

The municipality rolled out side loading containers in 2007 and has again used CONTENUR to supply side-loading containers with a capacity of 2,400 litres. 

In total, 110 complete islands of containers formed by general waste, paper or cardboard, plastic and glass have been supplied.  

For general waste, 135 containers have been earmarked, a total of 110 containers for paper and cardboard, 110 containers for plastic and 65 igloos for glass. 

The containers are manufactured by means of injection. This process is faster and more efficient from an energy standpoint and gives the product greater strength and reliability, as well as ensuring quality in all units.    

CONTENUR side loading containers are manufactured using 100% renewable energy and they boast the fastest collection system on the market. 

Finally, these containers meet the most stringent specifications in terms of safety and hygiene, dimensions and mechanical resistance, as they are certified under EN 12574 by an entity accredited by ENAC.