The ComPOsta project, conceived and launched by Pontevedra city council, is intended to encourage recycling of organic waste or bio-waste in the old town and much of the city centre. Joining the scheme is voluntary and free.

The citizens of Pontevedra will of this week need as to get used to a new model of bin, brown in colour, for recycling the fifth fraction of waste, i.e. bio-waste.

The new containers to be supplied in the provincial capital are Contenur’s rear-loading containers with capacities of 90, 120, 700 and 800 litres. They will have automatic or electronic closing and some will be fitted with large over-lids (useful dimensions of 330 x 400 mm) restricting the size of the waste that can be deposited and so encouraging recycling.

González Carballo, Pontevedra’s waste counsellor, is confident that by the end of the year “some 2000 tonnes of bio-waste will be recycled by this system”. Thus the council is taking a step towards complying with European standards, which require 50% of the bio-waste generated to be recycled.