CONTENUR has been awarded with the repair and subsequent upkeep and maintenance of a total of 17 playgrounds in the Cadiz municipality of Puerto Real. 

The playgrounds are located in five different zones:

  • In zone 1: 3 parks, on calle Sol, La Marroquina and Avenida de la Constitución.
  • In zone 2: 3 parks, Paseo de Andalucía, calle Bornos and calle Setenil.
  • In zone 3: 5 parks, in Marina de la Bahía, in the park of La Liviana, El Porvenir, Paseo de Andalucía and Plaza San Telmo.
  • In zone 4: 1 park, on Avenida 14 de Abril.
  • In zone 5 (peripheral neighbourhoods), 5 parks: Río San Pedro, La Chacona, Barrio Jarana, El Marquesado and Meadero de la Reina. 

The first phase of the project will be repairing the elements in the play areas, which have varied equipment depending on the age of intended use or materials.  

The upkeep and maintenance tasks will consist of replacing items in poor condition, incorporating parts and the general cleaning of the equipment, including fencing, signage and paving. It also includes treating surfaces with certified paints.