Requena, Province of Valencia, has purchased 497 CONTENUR containers, as part of its commitment to improve the services for the citizens of the Borough.

To be specific, the new containers the Borough has purchased are 1,000-litre capacity rear-loading (357 units) and 3,200-litre capacity side-loading containers (140 units).

All the new containers are equipped with a pedal-operated opening system that makes them easier to use. Furthermore, this also makes them safer and more hygienic for the general public to utilise when it comes to putting waste into the container.

What makes CONTENUR’s Side-Loading containers stand out is the fact they are easy to use and unload. They may feature Smart Elements, which provide information in real time. Furthermore, they are designed to ensure that cleaning and maintenance in optimum operating conditions can be carried out easily, swiftly and efficiently.

Manufactured in high-density polyethylene injection moulding and with environmentally-friendly materials, they have been awarded the most demanding quality and product certifications.

It is planned to install the containers now, in May.