Madrid City Council has awarded the Inspection, Cleaning & Maintenance of Children’s Playground, Senior Citizens, Sports Facilities and Dog Areas Contract. By awarding this contract in one single lot to the CONTENUR and Valoriza Joint Venture, the capital has once again placed emphasis on guaranteeing the best possible conservation of this apparatus and equipment at the users’ disposal.

This contract will ensure that a total of 2,019 Children’s Playground Areas, 251 Areas for Senior Citizens, 120 Sports Areas and 170 Dog Areas are in perfect conditions for use and that the safety of all users is guaranteed.

Four (4) companies submitted bids for the tendering process.

The contract will amount to 10 million Euros per year, will be in force for a maximum of two (2) years and will be an absolute European benchmark because of its magnitude, making it the biggest contract of its kind


The service must strictly comply with the regulations concerned as stipulated in the relevant directives in the most recent versions of Spanish Standards UNE-EN-1176 and UNE-EN-1177.

Spanish Standard UNE-EN 16630 is the reference standard for the Senior Citizens Areas and the Basic Sports Facility Circuits.


The main activities involved in the service included the following, amongst others: cleaning, inspections, preventive & corrective maintenance, keeping the surfaces in a good state of repair, replacement of elements, etc.

An exhaustive and methodical schedule will be devised to guarantee those utilisation and safety conditions; it will include the frequent cleaning of all the facilities, apparatus and installations, and special emphasis will be placed on visual, operational and main inspection, as an effective and efficient system for detecting and potential hazards and drawbacks that might appear, caused either by use, vandalism or the climate/weather.

This inspection system will be based upon a rigorous preventive maintenance plan that will bring about a reduction in the number of corrective measures that have to be taken as a result of breakages and wear & tear.

This plan will be accompanied by considerable investment in the renewal of parts and complete elements that are liable to become obsolete.


Yet again, an in-depth working knowledge of the applicable regulations, skill and expertise will be put at the service of a great city where the huge variety of brands, plus the plurality of materials and components available will require the very best management If they are to provide genuine conservation.


A large number of human resources will be employed and state-of-the-art materials and auxiliary resources will be utilised to implement the contract specifications. Over 150 people and 60 hybrid and/or electric vehicles will be in operation, enabling us to guarantee that CO2 emissions are reduced while the services are being carried out.

CONTENUR will thus be making further progress in its commitment to the environment and the implementation of policies that ensure its activities are consistent with the firm’s sustainability strategy as regards compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Further information about CONTENUR’s sustainability policy.