States the mayor of Elche, Carlos Gonzalez, who attended the presentation of the new service

The renewal affects all the waste collection fractions. Mainly side-loading OVAL models from CONTENUR will be provided. 500 new containers will replace the ones that are in a poor state of repair in nearby parishes and industrial zones, plus 400 easy-access containers for remaining fractions in the city centre, 400 containers for packaging and 500 containers for paper & cardboard.

This model, the OVAL from CONTENUR, is fully recyclable (100%) and manufactured following circular economy and eco-design standards, which means they are given a second useful working life after the first one has ended.

In the words of Carlos González, “Cleaning is the service that is best rated and which has the greatest impact on day-to-day city life. One of the priorities for this Governing Group is to respond positively to one of the citizens’ greatest wishes, which is to be living in one of the cleanest cities in the country”. “Today, we are putting into operation one of the most modern, mechanised, sustainable and digitalised cleaning services in the Autonomous Region of Valencia and in the whole country”, stated the Mayor, who went on to say that “the aim is to have a cleaner old quarter, cleaner districts, surrounding areas and beaches; to take a major qualitative and quantitative step forward where city cleanliness is concerned”.

Source: Elche City Council