The Vigo City Council last week announced that the city’s residents can now recycle their organic waste thanks to CONTENUR’s containers.

The model chosen by the Council will be CONTENUR’s new OVAL container, in all its waste types: glass, paper, plastics and general and organic waste.

Users can access the brown container for organic waste with their Pass Vigo card, which will allow the use of the container to be limited and personalised.

The card will also keep track of the quantity and frequency of the waste deposited.

The main attributes of the OVAL container are its design, sustainability, ergonomics, performance and personalisation. The height of this container is lower so as not to create visual barriers, which contributes to public safety.

100% recyclable, they are a part of CONTENUR’s CIRCLE concept, which manages resources according to the principles of the circular economy; so once they have been withdrawn, the containers have a second life when they are converted into raw material for manufacturing new containers.