The new company granted the licence for the rubbish collection & road cleaning service has begun to renew the Capital’s containers by installing new side-loading, rear-loading and vertical loading models by CONTENUR. A total of 2,134 containers have been purchased, which will be installed in the city’s streets over the next few weeks, whereas part of the supply will be stored as stock to cater for future needs or as replacements whenever necessary.

The container selected by the licenced company was CONTENUR’s asymmetrical side-loading model, with a capacity of 3,200 litres given over to the recycling of municipal solid waste (MSW and selective collection. The supply also features vertical-loading containers, with a 3,000 litre capacity, given over mainly to the recycling of glass, paper & cardboard and packaging. Two- and four-wheeled containers (360 and 1,000 litres) have been chosen to serve the outskirts of the city.

All the containers have been supplied in marengo grey, the colour of the covers depending on the waste to be disposed of. The containers also have embossed pictures and markings in braille adapted to the blind, which are placed on the container bodies and indicate the type of waste for each model. The City’s coat of arms is also printed on each one of them

Installing commenced in the Tres Cruces district and subsequently the process of supplying the districts will be completed beginning with Los Bloques, on the left-bank of the Douro, San Jose Obrero, San Lazaro and the rest of the City.

In view of the magnitude of the project, the estimated completion date for distributing the entire fleet of containers will be about 3 months.

Source: La Opinion de Zamora