1,600 of CONTENUR’s OVAL Containers for San Fernando

1,600 of CONTENUR’s OVAL Containers for San Fernando

The Local Council is beginning to renew La Isla’s entire stock of CONTENUR OVAL containers

Yesterday, San Fernando Local Council began to renew all its containers in the municipality, which is going to mean replacing the 2,073 units currently in the town with new ones that will mainly be of the side-loading type. The new ones will blend in better with the urban environment and will be more aesthetically pleasing, all of which will serve to improve the municipality’s image. As if that were not enough, the new containers are going to enhance selective waste disposal, allowing for a greater degree of efficiency and effectiveness by automating the operations and making service times more frequent; all of this will also reduce the carbon footprint involved in performing these tasks. What is more, the new containers will be more accessible because they will be lower, will be provided with waste identification in braille for those with sight defects and there will be manually-operated units for people with limited mobility.

Renewal affects all the waste collection fractions and the units will mostly be of the OVAL side-loading model type. There will be 506 units for organic waste, 438 units for packaging, 339 units for paper and 315 for glass.

This model is 100% recyclable and is manufactured following circular economy and eco-design standards, which means that a second useful life awaits them once they are life-expired.

Link: Andalucía Información