CONTENUR is a company committed to reducing the carbon footprint and CO2 emissions.

Creating a friendly future

CONTENUR carries out its activities in accordance with its commitment to sustainable development and the creation of long-term value.

The company constantly strives to improve its working environment and relationships with stakeholders (shareholders, clients, employees, suppliers and communities), based on ethics and leading by example and transparency.

CONTENUR promotes business excellency, efficient products and services, the professional and personal development of its staff under equal conditions, preventive health and safety, respect for its surroundings and the environment, and the integration of the most underprivileged groups. Contenur’s project aspires to be recognized as the benchmark in the sector both nationally and internationally.

Our focus

One of CONTENUR’s principles is respecting the environment and being committed to sustainable development, for which it has created the Quality and Environment policy, whose objectives and procedures must be fulfilled by all members of the company.


Commitment to the environment

In its strong commitment to the environment, CONTENUR manufacturers its products according to the precept of the circular economy.

Sustainable Fabrication

Products manufactured using 100% renewable energy.

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CONTENUR CSR Report 2014

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